Sven Latham

I am a researcher, strategist and advisor with many years' experience working with senior managers at companies large and small, across multiple industries and countries.

My expertise are in software systems, automation & data in the domains of town centre management and government at various levels – although my travels have led me into all sorts of weird & wonderful sectors as well.

On one of my town surveys.

I run Noggin, using data to analyse the effects of events & changes on the high street.

I am also a Partner and CTO at Ethos VO, a group of social entrepreneurs encouraging positive change. I work on the Smart Cities project, where we’re pioneering ideas to improve air quality, retail & economic conditions of our High Streets.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, map collecting and studying languages. I’m partial to a good Belgian beer. My ideal holiday is on a canal boat in the Midlands with a delicious evening pub meal to look forward to.

I can speak for hours on data, security, technology, knowledge management and other subjects close to my heart. Thankfully I can also condense it into presentations, talks, articles or a private chat over coffee (black, no sugar).

If you want to reach me, try calling 01489 878268 or send me an email.

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